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Step-By-Step Instructions to Create a Facebook Account: Table of Contents


Step-By-Step Instruction Pages

Step 1: Entering Beginning Information on Facebook

In this section, you will be filling in the basic information to start your account


Step 2: Verifying Email Account for Facebook

In this section, you will go to the email account you set up with Facebook to verify
             that the account is active.


Step 3: Finding Friends on Facebook        

In this section, you may search for friends who also have a Facebook profile.


Step 4: Creating Your Facebook Profile

In this section, you will add information about yourself to your profile.  This
                          information will also help you find people who share the same information.


Step 5: Personalizing Your Facebook Profile

In this section, you will be able to personalize your profile to display information
                          about yourself in the following areas: basic information, personal  
                          information, contact information, education, and work.


Step 6: Posting Your Facebook Profile Picture

In this section, you will learn how to choose and upload a picture that will show up
                            to profile views in replacement of the current picture.


All screen shots were taken from by Amanda Miller and are cited (by figure) in the Works Cited section

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